Wordle Creator Tips

Making wordles are fun and can add a lot of flare to anything you are doing with them. Whether it is on a website or as part of a school project a wordle is the way to go. You can create your worlde on any of the amazing sites from our home page and the process is usually painless and fun, but we have some tips and tricks for you to make your experience even better.

    • To multiple words into one you can use the ~ character. For instance if you wanted to combine a sentence into one wordle “word” you can type in worldes~are~fun and have that show up as one word. This can help you insert popular quotes instead of just words into your wordles.
    • By default most all of the wordle creating sites turn off common words like the, and, or, of, but they can usually be turned back on depending on the place you are creating your wordles so if you’re looking to include those you’ll have to manually turn that ability back on.
    • The above tip is also true of numbers that you might want to include when creating your wordles.
    • Some of the wordles you can create can be in custom shapes. This is not true of every wordle creating site, but some of them will allow you to upload a picture and base your wordle around that new shape. Wordle Word Cloud has a good collection of custom shaped wordles for you to check out. I think my next article will be about how to do such a thing.

Hopefully using these tips will bring new life to your wordles and if you have any tips or tricks to add please leave a comment below.

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